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Purple A.jpg

Purple A. 15x30 Canvas

Purple A. stands for Purple Abstract, as that is exactly what this piece is, a purple abstract piece of art. I began working on this piece shortly after completing a bunch of commision pieces. While I absolutely love and feel grateful to have the privilege to do commision pieces , I do enjoy getting back to that pure, wide open creativity that drives my work. This piece represents that wide open creativity and I simply started this piece with no plan and some cool purple acrylic paint. It came out as a purple piece, a "purple haze" if you will, and certainly made me think about one of my favorite guitarists Jimi Hendrix and his amazing music. Creativity is one of the biggest pieces of my life and my expression. This piece truly represents that. I hope you enjoy and feel the purple craze energy this piece transmits.

The German.jpg

The German

This piece was inspired by my heritage. Here in the American culture many people are very interested in their ethnic backgrounds for a multitude of reasons. For me 75% of my ethnic background is of Italian descent. However there is that remaining 25% that I have never really paid attention to and honestly never really acknowledged to even some of my very best friends (to the point of being dishonest). The loss of this poor choice was mostly all mine. Unfortunately, I cannot go back in time and be more honest about my ethnic makeup. What I can do though is to be honest now and to accept myself for who I truly am, me. Today I look at this German heritage with pride and gratitude. It's part of who I am and after so many years of not liking myself I know that today, it's all or nothing. I have chosen all. This piece is representative of that journey and truly loving and accepting myself.

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