This creation of this piece was very therapeutic for me. I had just been sent home from my school (I am also a third grade teacher) on the first Monday of the second week of the new school year. I teach in the same district that my daughters attend school in and my wife also works in. Over the weekend my youngest came down with a cold and we decided to keep her home on Monday to rest and because what's going on with COVID. Well, after arriving at work that Monday morning I found out that I had to go home, my oldest daughter had to go home, and my wife had to stay home. None of us we're going to be able to return to school until my youngest received a negative COVID test. Anyway, what this brought to my attention was my need for acceptance. As an alcoholic, working on acceptance is one of the most important things I can do on a daily basis. Our world and country are currently in turmoil. Politics are out of control (whichever side you're on) and we are in the middle of a pandemic. Where can I find solace? I found some solace in the current change of season, my love of the fall. I took that love, that frustration and uncomfortableness and translated it onto the canvas. It was a freeing experience to say the least. I hope you feel the power of accepting change in this piece and how the fall, a time of change, can help with that process.