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The Wu-tang Series is Here!


Finally I have begun a series of paintings that I have always aspired to create. The Wu-tang Clan, arguably the most creative and talented hip hop group to ever grace the planet earth has always been my favorite! The nine members formed like Voltron back in the early nineties and from day one trail blazed the standard for real hip hop based on poetic lyrics and ground shaking beats. The nine man Clan is made up of 9 of the illest MC's going.

Through this series I will attempt to interpret each MC from the Clan. My intention is to describe what each MC means to me, through each piece in the series. I will attempt to capture my interpretation of the individual style and strength that each member brings to the table on any and all Wu tracks. This will be very challenging for me as I have so much emotion, love, and interest in the music the Wu makes. I'm going to go on this journey and give it my best shot. Here are my brief thoughts of each Wu member.

Underrated MC U-God brings his own unique style and rough voice to the table while Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, GhostFace Killah, and Method Man stand atop the underground hip hop world looking down with their unparalleled flow and lyrical magic. The infamous ODB and his unique drunken warrior style. The Masta Killa (my personal favorite) hypnotizes real lovers of hip hop with his deep voice and laid back flow. At the top sit the RZA and the GZA. The Gza is by far (in my humble opinion) the single greatest lyricist of our time. He sits at the table eating with the likes of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan when it comes to his writing. The RZA, the foundation and beat master of the Clan has made some of the greatest and hardest banging beats in all of hip hop for over three decades. He is the founder of the Wu and can certainly drop bars with the best of them.

I hope you enjoy this new series. It's a work in progress and should be dropping in my store within the next month. Keep your eyes peeled! See individual pieces from the collection below. Scroll down.

The W


The W.jpg

This piece is the first piece that I created in celebration of the mighty Wu-Tang Clan. The W stands for everything the Wu is, powerful, in your face, smoothe, razor sharp, layered, and deep. This piece is my tribute to the Clan as a thank you for all the enjoyment their music has given me over the years (since the early 90's). I hope you can feel the energy that I felt when creating the piece and still feel looking at it.

The Gza



This is the first individual piece I created in the series. I don't think you can begin any discussion about the Clan without speaking of the GZA/Genius. The GZA is the greatest lyricist in the history of hip hop of you ask me. His lyrics have set the bar high and inspired countless MC's in Hip Hop. GZA is also responsible for releasing maybe one of the greatest, if not the greatest Hip Hop album of all time in Liquid Swords. GZA has both underground respect and mainstream respect even though he stays as far away from the mainstream and limelight as possible. The GZA is unmatched in his lyrical sword play and rough delivery.

Street Wu


Street Wu.jpg

This is one of my favorite pieces. I made it for a friend and just had an absolute blast doing it. I stuck with the traditional W but wanted to make it stand out from the original. I used some layered silver to give a spray paint feel. I really enjoyed this process as there are many layers to this piece and the yellow border was a chance I took outside of my comfort zone.

Masta Killa/Noodles


Masta Killa.jpg

MastaKilla/Noodles is the third individual member piece from my Wu-Tang series. The Masta is my favorite MC of all time. His slow deep flow and razor sharp hard core lyrics fill me in a way that no other MC can. The Masta brings it always and never disappoints. While some of his solo efforts may not be my favorite, his work within the Clan is the basis for the Wu-tang sound IMHO. The Masta is a cousin of Marvin Gaye and certainly carries that influence in his love of old school type beats. Masta flows and throws with the best of them. He's my favorite and often serves as an inspiration for my creative outlets. A true old school MC and lyrical Shaolin Warrior on the mic!



This is the second individual member piece from my Wu-Tang Clan collection. UGod is one of my favorite MC's in the clan. While I don't think he is the most talented with his flow or his writing, there is something very unique about UGod. His deep voice and up unique word play make him a very important member of the Clan. He has some absolutely nasty verses on many of my favorite Wu-Tang tunes. UGod is the real deal and he never tries to be anything but himself. He knows his role in the Clan, has gratitude for it, and takes it for all it's worth. He has collaborated with some of the best and will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my favorite MC's in Hip Hop. 

Framed Wu

Framed WU.jpg

This piece was a commision and created with a very clear and clean focus. I wanted to texturize the W and have a very clean black background. I really enjoyed creating this piece for a very wonderful person with whom I grew up. It was awesome to see her and connect with her after all these years. Wu-Tang!

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