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Vermont: 18x24 Canvas

This piece was inspired by the six years I lived in the state of Vermont. During this time I got sober, I graduated from the University of Vermont, and I absolutely fell in love with nature. This painting comes from deep within and represents all the ups and downs I went through while in Burlington. Getting sober was the best thing that has ever happened to me because without that, I would most certainly not be in the position I am in today. In Vermont I also fell in love with the outdoors. The majestic Green Mountains are breathtaking and to say I spent lots of time among them is an understatement. From hiking to trail running and rock climbing my new life began in Vermont and I will be forever grateful to all the gifts I received while living there. For this piece I zeroed in on the colors of my alma mata (UVM), yellow, green, white, gold, and black. It was from these colors I was able to create movement and texture which mentally and emotionally took me back to those times. I will always have a deep love of the Green Mountain State and this piece is a clear reminder to me of the impact the state had on my life.

Bebop City: 18x24


This piece represents my absolute love of jazz, specifically the Bebop era. When creating this piece my imagination took me to a far away city where the likes of Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, John Coltrane, and Thelonious Monk jammed away. I pictured myself driving into the city, with friends, and heading for the club. My love of jazz music runs deep and is credited to my father who exposed me to jazz music at a very young age. 

Let Go, Let God

Let Go Let God.jpg

Let Go, Let God is my newest abstract piece that was inspired by my relationship with God. Recently, there has been much turmoil in our world. Between the enormous political divide in our nation and the COVID pandemic sat a very miserable me. Me who had not been working on his spirituality and was getting more miserable by the moment. What I have learned in life and in my own relationship with my higher power, my spirituality if you will, is that I need God, my God, always. On a daily basis I need to surrender to my God and accept the fact that there is very little in this world I can control. What I can control is my realization of this fact and a focus on the present in which I try and do one thing, the next right thing. The rest is up to God. When I can let go like this, when I can let go and let god, I can find happiness in the moment and be of service to others. Today, that is how I am working to live my life. This piece represents that process for me.

The Adirondacks of Autumn
15 x 30

 The Adirondacks of Autumn  .jpg

This piece was inspired by my love of the mountains. Nature speaks to me and has always helped connect me with my higher power. Here in Upstate, New York we happen to have some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet right in our backyard. While I don't get to the Dacks as often as I'd like, just knowing they are there and waiting, is enough to fill my heart. I love spending time in the local preserves and I always feel these preserves are a type of walkway into the Adirondacks. This piece also holds in it my desire to get out West and to see the Rockies along with some amazing friends. Nature speaks to me in so many ways. The Adirondack Mountains are part of that.

Marcy's Sun


Marcy's Sun.jpg

This is another piece inspired by my love of the Adirondack Mountains. Admittedly, I am no Adirondack expert but with that being said I have a deep appreciation and love of the majestic beauty of this amazing place. When I was young my focus on mountains was always on height. To me, the highest mountains in ranges were the best. Marcy sits high atop the Adirondack High Peaks at a elevation of 5,344'. One day I hope to become a 46er. I also dedicate this piece to my favorite artist Bob Ross. I grew up watching the man and continue to be amazed by his talent, peaceful presence, teaching ability, and drive.

The Abstract Mountains of My Mind


The Abstract Mountains of My Mind.jpg

This piece was inspired not only by my love of mountains but my love of abstract painting. Here I combined my abstract style of painting with a realism that I often don't go near. These mountains represent the imagination of my childhood with pointed peaks reaching high into the sky. I also really love snow and made sure I included some traces of snow in places I felt they belonged. A mixing of the seasons maybe? For in my mind abstract has no boundaries. I ran with that here. I hope you enjoy this piece and identify with the the touch of realism combined with the endless possibilities of the abstract world.

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