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Daughters 14x22

Golden Bars Doom Tribute.jpg

Golden Bars: A Tribute to M.F. Doom

This piece was inspired by my love of the MC/Poet M.F. Doom who passed away at the end of October 2020. I love Hip Hop music, I mean real Hip Hop music. As a poet I love wordplay. There are many MC's who are simply masterful at using words to express thoughts and/or tell stories. Doom was certainly one of them. Doom was 50 years old when he passed and was deeply respected by those in the underground world of Hip Hop. Doom and his rhymes will be missed. This is my tribute to him, his writing, his rapping, and his realness. For everytime Doom grabbed the mic, everytime, he spit golden bars.

A Closer Look.JPG

A Closer Look 11x14

This piece was also inspired by the blueprint work of my grandfather and father. After seeing old, original blueprints that both created I became inspired to take some of what I love from their work, shapes and hard lines, and incorporating those into my work. This proved challenging at first (and still is) as up to this point I had created mostly abstract pieces that did not focus on clear cut defined shapes and lines. With this piece I took the challenge or "a closer look" at diversifying my work and I reached for the stars. 


Daughters 21 x28

This piece was inspired by my two daughters, Sophia (11) and Oliva (8). The love I have for my daughters is very intense and powerful. Both girls have played a key role in my development and growth as an artist so in some ways this is a thank you to them. This piece also was inspired by my admiration for the shapes, lines, and measurements found on blueprints. Both my father and my grandfather were draftsmen. While I've always struggled with math I have also loved geometry and the way precise lines connect and run. This piece consists of two small canvases screwed together. I also plan on adding a frame to this piece in the near future. Each canvas represents the specific personality of each daughter. If you search within this combined piece you may find some parts that represent personalities in those you love. Enjoy!
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