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The Adirondacks of Autumn

15 x 30

 The Adirondacks of Autumn  .jpg

This piece was inspired by my love of the mountains. Nature speaks to me and has always helped connect me with my higher power. Here in Upstate, New York we happen to have some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet right in our backyard. While I don't get to the Dacks as often as I'd like, just knowing they are there and waiting, is enough to fill my heart. I love spending time in the local preserves and I always feel these preserves are a type of walkway into the Adirondacks. This piece also holds in it my desire to get out West and to see the Rockies along with some amazing friends. Nature speaks to me in so many ways. The Adirondack Mountains are part of that.

Marcy's Sun


Marcy's Sun.jpg

This is another piece inspired by my love of the Adirondack Mountains. Admittedly, I am no Adirondack expert but with that being said I have a deep appreciation and love of the majestic beauty of this amazing place. When I was young my focus on mountains was always on height. To me, the highest mountains in ranges were the best. Marcy sits high atop the Adirondack High Peaks at a elevation of 5,344'. One day I hope to become a 46er. I also dedicate this piece to my favorite artist Bob Ross. I grew up watching the man and continue to be amazed by his talent, peaceful presence, teaching ability, and drive.

The Abstract Mountains of My Mind


The Abstract Mountains of My Mind.jpg

This piece was inspired not only by my love of mountains but my love of abstract painting. Here I combined my abstract style of painting with a realism that I often don't go near. These mountains represent the imagination of my childhood with pointed peaks reaching high into the sky. I also really love snow and made sure I included some traces of snow in places I felt they belonged. A mixing of the seasons maybe? For in my mind abstract has no boundaries. I ran with that here. I hope you enjoy this piece and identify with the the touch of realism combined with the endless possibilities of the abstract world.

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